Providing high quality customer service promptly by good footwork and face-to-face communication is our consistent policy.

Our purpose is to acquire patent right and to establish it as a valuable business tool. To know exactly what our client needs, we are eager to have face-to-face communication with them. By doing so, it will be possible to prepare a Specification with satisfactory quality.

We consider “speed” is most important factor for patent applications. The earlier a patent application is filed, the more advantage an applicant can obtain. Therefore, speedy services are essential to enhance the value of inventions. In particularly urgent cases, we have completed filing procedures on the very day that we received request from our client.


Application and Prosecution before the Japan Patent Office and foreign patent offices(Patent, Utility Model, Design and Trademark).

Invalidation Trial and/or Trial for Correction before the Japan Patent Office

Litigation against the JPO Appeal Board decision before the Intellectual Property High Court.

Expert Opinion on Patentablity or Validity

Expert Opinion on potential Infringement

Prior Art Search


Organic/inorganic chemistry


Medical devices and Instruments

Gaming Machines